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Comic-Con Cosplay

Fall 2021

This summer, my friends and I got tickets for NYC Comic-Con the first weekend of October. I decided to cosplay as the character Amity Blight from the show The Owl House and immediately got to work on my props.

I'd been enjoying Youtube videos on sculpting miniatures, so I decided to try what I'd learned by making my first polymer clay piece.*


To make the character's key, I made a skeleton from wire and tin foil to reduce the weight and clay required, then wrapped it in clay and refined details before baking it to solidify everything.

*First clay piece as an engineer, since I did a lot of crafting as a kid

Ideally, I would've CADed the character's staff myself, but I realized Fusion360's form sculpting wasn't that intuitive and that it would be more efficient to buy the files online. After acquiring the staff models from Etsy, I 3D printed each component, did a lot of sanding of the joints and my PVC pipe so everything would fit, and made many, many layers of spraypaint.

Here I am in my cosplay!

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