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Files last updated spring 2024

Jump to any of these pages to explore more of my projects, or scroll down to see some featured projects

3D Printing

Mediated Matter, MIT Media Lab

Experiments with biopolymers, computational design, prototypes for a multi-material end effector, and printed spirograph designs


Mechanical Engineering and More

Projects involving construction, product design, prototyping, manufacturing, and miscellaneous creation


Business and Fun Projects

Details about my art business, Wren In Flight, LLC; my commission for the World Trade Center; and paintmaking

CAD Gallery

Projects in Fusion360

Snapshots of my work from the rest of my portfolio, focusing on the CAD itself. Includes small projects not discussed elsewhere


Pursuits of Creative Writing

Details on my novel writing, workshop group, and awards for different types of writing.


Activities and Development

Info on my mentorship roles at MIT and my participation in the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program

Featured Projects

Enhancing Biopolymer Printing

Mediated Matter, MIT Media Lab

Developing multi-material printing methods and exploring the applications of biodegradable materials in sustainable design

3 Roll Mill

How to Make (Almost) Anything Class

Designing and fabricating a 3 roll mill machine to make paint; includes documentation and process pictures


MIT 2.009: The Product Engineering


Designing and constructing a disc sander that stops immediately upon human touch on a team

The Lathe-Inator

MIT Machine Design Class

Designing, modeling, and constructing a tabletop lathe on a team of 7 students

Modeling Bistable Mechanisms

MIT Culpepper Lab

Prototyping and simulating bistable spring mechanisms for a prosthetic ankle actuator

Analyzing Paint Recipes

Measurement and Instrumentation Class

Researching and analyzing how ingredient ratios affects the brittleness and vibrancy of my handmade watercolor paint

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