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Mechanical Engineering and More

3 Roll Mill

How to Make (Almost) Anything Class

Designing and fabricating a 3 roll mill machine to make paint; includes documentation and process pictures


MIT 2.009: The Product Engineering


Designing and constructing a disc sander that stops immediately upon human touch on a team

The Lathe-Inator

MIT 2.72: Elements of Mechanical Design

Designing, modeling, and fabricating a tabletop lathe on a team

Formlabs Intern 


Developing a novel printing process on a team during my experience as a mechanical engineering intern

Analyzing Paint Recipes

Measurement and Instrumentation Class

Researching and analyzing how ingredient ratios affects the brittleness and vibrancy of my handmade watercolor paint

Modeling Bistable Mechanisms

MIT Culpepper Lab

Prototyping and simulating bistable spring mechanisms for a prosthetic ankle actuator


MIT Design and Manufacturing II Class

Collaborating on a team to produce 50 identical injection-molded yoyos inspired by LEGO Ninjago

Multi-material End Effector

Mediated Matter, MIT Media Lab

Prototypes for a 3D printer end effector that extrudes and mixes multiple biopolymers at the same time

Tim the Robot

MIT Design and Manufacturing I Class

An aluminum robot that performs tasks in a competition and the engineering notebook in which I documented the design process


MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team

Documentation of machining parts, thermoforming light covers for car, constructing with carbon fiber, and promoting the team


Wren In Flight, LLC

All-natural watercolor paint manufactured by hand and packaged for sale on Etsy

Toy Design

MIT Toy Product Design Class

A "Space Jellyfish" toy , a nautilus plushie and whale pull toy, and the design process when collaborating on a team

Piano LED Visualizer

Engineering, Art, & Science Seminar

An assembly that creates a light show as the user plays a keyboard


How to Make (Almost) Anything Class

Designing, milling, stuffing & soldering circuit boards involving LEDs, potentiometers, and motors

Molding and Casting

How to Make (Almost) Anything Class

Working with milling, silicon molding, and casting concrete to make fun objects

Honeycomb Shelves

How to Make (Almost) Anything Class

Designing and fabricating modular shelves and experimenting with lasercutter parameters 

Comic-Con Cosplay

Amity Blight from The Owl House

Crafting a key from polymer clay and 3D printing and assembling a witch's staff

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