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Edgerton Center Student Mentor
Sept 2019 - June 2023

As a volunteer mentor for the MIT Edgerton Center in 2019, I hosted weekly office hours to assist with engineering projects or provide bandsaw, drill press, and 3D printer training. I also helped run events for the Edgerton Center's K-12 outreach program and edited photos taken during them. Summer 2020, I ran a week-long online seminar for high school students for the program's annual Engineering Design Workshop; through teaching brainstorming activities, principles of art, and sketching techniques, I emphasized the intersection of art and engineering.

Most recently, I taught several paint-making classes over January 2023. It was so much fun to meet more of the MIT community and introduce more people to the magical place that is room 4-409.

Simmons Hall House Gov't
Sept 2019 - June 2023

Throughout my time as a resident of Simmons Hall, I've been an active participant in our student-run house government. As a general member, I've attended bi-monthly house meetings to discuss upcoming events and vote on allocating funds. For Campus Preview Weekend and the beginning of the semester, I hosted and volunteered for various events showcasing the dorm to prospective residents, spending hours cooking or just playing party games with first-years. Spring 2020, I served as Co-Library Chair and ran a book club. Fall 2021, I served as Entertainment Chair, in which I implemented new amenities in the dorm's TV lounge and hosted multiple movie study breaks. I also hosted a dorm-wide ice cream study break. As a Resident Peer Mentor for 2022-2023, I've been helping run study breaks and providing advice to first-years students.

Gordon Engineering Leadership Program
Sept - Dec 2021 

Through MIT's Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, I've honed my leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. In weekly labs, my team and I tackled engineering challenges that helped me gain valuable experience in negotiation, advocacy, and team-building. Throughout the semester, I led my team in two challenges; in the latter, I delivered a presentation to the lab and the program's industry guests. I also attended weekly lectures in which I discussed and analyzed leadership theory with my peers.

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