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SLS R&D Intern

Formlabs, Inc.

 June - August 2022 

As a mechanical engineering intern on the SLS team, I investigated and refined a novel printing process for implementation in future products that have yet to be announced. I collaborated with a team on the overall project, but took ownership of researching a particular technology. Over the summer, I conducted literature reviews, constructed testbeds, and ran experiments, culminating in a final design project of a modular device to test multiple facets of our intended technology path. Through this internship, I gained experience working in an R&D setting, collaborating and communicating with a team, and documenting research. Most crucially, I learned how to navigate the hurdles of long-term research projects: how to decide on next steps, how to pivot when results turn out different than expected, and how to set deadlines and goals to keep making progress. All this has led to my greater resilience and problem-solving techniques as an engineer and researcher.

The background for this page is a pattern I created for Formlabs annual Hackathon!

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