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Handmade Watercolors

As part of my personal art business, I manufacture watercolor paint by hand from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. To craft a batch of paint, I mix pigment with binder, a solution of honey, clove oil, powdered gum arabic, and distilled water. After pouring a layer of paint into Lego-sized pans, I store excess paint in syringes and move onto a batch of a new color. When the pans are dry and filled to the top, I clean them, wrap them in foil, and glue magnets to the bottom. After creating labels, swatch cards, and packaging, then I'm ready to sell the paints as individual pans or as a set through Etsy. 


Due to a higher ratio of pigment to binder, my handmade paints have a greater opacity, deeper color, and more permanent lightfastness than many store-bought paints. 

Check out the timelapse below to see the paintmaking process!

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