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MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team


Member of the Aerodynamics and Composites Subteam 

As a member of SEVT, I collaborated with teammates to construct and refine the body of our car Nimbus. I helped with machining chassis components, sanding the car, and applying layups, which involved layering carbon fiber and epoxy to create interior and exterior structures. At the Roslindale Parade and MIT Museum Energy Night, I promoted the team by discussing our projects and goals with the public. I joined the team in taking a road trip to the Ford Driveability Test Facility in Michigan, where I helped prepare the car for wind tunnel testing.

For my personal project, I created plastic covers for the car lights. I experimented with thermoforming polycarbonate and acrylic to determine which was the ideal material and how long to heat it. After forming the final six acrylic light covers, I sanded them and adjusted the length and size using a band saw so they could fit in the holes I cut in the car. 

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