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Toy Product Design Class

MIT Spring 2020

Class On-Campus
Feb 2020 - March 2020

While in-person last spring, I collaborated with a team of 6 students to brainstorm, prototype, and present toy ideas related to a "Fairy Tale" theme. I helped ideate potential toys by discussing with my team and presenting sketches from my engineering notebook. After analyzing the value of each idea, we selected three to pitch to the class to receive feedback, in which a teammate and I created a poster and delivered a short presentation. We then began constructing prototypes from foam core, wire, clay, and other materials. To practice fabrication skills, I machined a whale pull toy and designed and sewed a nautilus plushie.

Space Jellyfish
March 2020 - May 2020

While working remotely, I designed and constructed a “Space Jellyfish” toy that promotes wellness by bringing some color into quarantine life. The main body consists of cellophane and foam board with an Arduino inside to light the LEDs. I documented the design process by writing a portfolio website in HTML and by filming and editing a final presentation video.

Watch the video below, or click on the gallery to the right to see full images of Space Jellyfish!

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